It is possible to wise decision for getting several people creating a Wordpress application having a testing site.

The greatest hurdle which i have experienced are path issues when developing in your area and integrating to some testing atmosphere.

Does anybody have a very good process for maintaining developer atmosphere(s), keeping working content and links, and also the code is maintained in source control?

To explain, I must develop in your area, and also have a testing atmosphere, and steer clear of path issues. I'm available to other solutions, or ideas.

It comes down lower to 3 primary concepts

  1. Development atmosphere ought to be as near to production as you possibly can.
  2. Use Source Control!
  3. Automated Deployment Scripts Remove just as much human error when implementing.

The expansion enviornment/process I favor appears like this.

  1. Dev/Local
    • SVN To Look At Code In your area
    • Virtual Box running Ubuntu like a Solution for Light Atmosphere or XAMPP
    • Deploy Scripts (Script Automation e.g. NAnt/Ant) For Staging / QA
    • Module Development
    • Theme Development
    • Etc
  2. QA
    • Initial Content Setup / QA
    • After Initial Development Staging can be used Less
  3. Production
    • Live Content Entry
    • Blogging Etc

For path issues after initial content development path issues dwindle relevant, since many submissions are carried out live. If your backup of production can be used to produce a dev site, SQL scripts and by hand changes can be used necessary. Also switching to presenting an online Box solution ensures things are in root. However the answer by FractalizeR helps.

Might be I do not obtain the condition in an entire, but what's the problem of putting the entire source code of WordPress into version control, check it to just one test server for tests?

If you have troubles with site names, pressure your designers to check on to their machines and store it under www.yourwpdomain.local (mind the .local part). They are able to use DNS or simple hosts file to solve .local domain address into 127...1. Apache setup is fairly straightforward.