I have setup Wordpress multisite first got it all working, but how do you create / show different pages per site?

Any help much appreciated



Well, I'm not sure what lengths do you have by using it, and so i will attempt to create simple instructions in the beginning:

  1. once installed, put forth /wordpress-admin, login as admin, after that time the best from the scren you will find the "Administration" link.
  2. Around the administration pages, you've "Blogs". Visit, produce a blog ("Add Blog" a the underside).
  3. Once produced, you will notice your blog listed along with a connect to "After sales". Click there and you'll access the blog's admin area, exactly like whether it were an ordinary Wordpress blog.
  4. To produce new pages, visit Pages around the left menu, then "New page"...

The web pages you create on a single blog/site do not show on every other. Perhaps you have only placed pages around the primary blog so far?