I've the next problem having a theme I'm developing:

during my index this code

<?php previous_posts_link(); ?>
<?php next_posts_link(); ?>

returns blank results...

if rather i personally use

<?php previous_post_link(); ?>
<?php next_post_link(); ?>

it shows the following publish (just one page). Can you explain that you believe? Any idea? I personally use the above mentioned inside the loop.

Around the face from it the main difference is simply the slightly different spelling. The particular difference is the fact that previous_posts_link ought to be used outdoors the loop, supplying a way to paginate through posts i.e. view/page/2 where page 2 could be taken right into a query_posts call obtaining the next batch of posts.

Whereas previous_publish_link/next_publish_link ought to be used within the loop, supplying a hyperlink to previous/next publish within the publish chronology.