i've got a theme, i'm html web design service, however i can understand some php / wordpress coding also

i've got a wordpress theme &lifier i wish to convert it right into a news portal

please guide me, i wish to convert it into category base, ought to be like this

http://www.firstpost.com/ please guide me, how do i do ?

could it be archive page or separate category page ?



when browsing category page, you can observe you will find different publish designs

with no duplicate publish

please guide me

You can just create a primary menu that contains links for your groups. This can load within the page you place as publish-page (ie. the page that consists of you).

Visit Appearance - Menu. Produce a menu and hang it as being the primary menu. rather than ticking the boxes for connecting to pages, create menu links like www.domain.com/category/felines and www.domain.com/category/dogs