today i am inside a asking spree :P

Anyhow... At this time i am developing some free wordpress theme. However , i wish to allow it to be as flexible as you possibly can so this is exactly why i'll apply certain styles choices to set some CSS colours, some sizes and so forth. My real question is this:

Basically assume that certain of the styles is going to be employed for huge traffic blog, how this can affect server performance? I'll come with an increase of SQL queries? Or something like that else (wrong) ?

I don't think you will see a rise in the amount of SQL queries. Unless of course, obviously, you made the decision to increase the worpress functionality by looking into making the theme somewhat data driven.

However how big your templates/images/CSS/javascript files might have some effect on the performance from the application.

Typically of thumb, if you're worried about the performance of an internet based application, it is good and also hardwearing . files as light as you possibly can.

Anybody using WordPress for any high-traffic blog is nearly sure to be utilising WP Super Cache, meaning just about all pageviews may cause (based on if the super bit has been used) either or 1 SQL queries, no matter what your theme does.

Wordpress is not famous to be gentle around the database - although I suppose there can be intentions to enhance with time.

So you are not leading to large problems with the addition of an additional query.

But ensure that it stays to 1 query: have your choices to ensure that one Choose can get all of them, and call that when per page load.

Alternatively, don't keep options within the database. Possess a config file that lives inside your theme directory.

You should not be adding something that does not provide styling for your theme, if you wish to keep database loading low. (Obviously, I am talking about apart from the default data retrieval functionality present in virtually all styles.)

The only real areas of your theme which should be doing any significant querying are:

  1. The standard bits and bobs in the loop (for that primary website and archive pages)
  2. The comment retrieval (for single-view posts)
  3. The sidebar (supposing you are taking a widget-enabled sidebar)

I'd suggest leavingextra functionality (and, therefore, extra DB queries) to plug ins - a style should focus purely on appearance.