Like a quick background. I'm a webmaster. I attempted to build up 10-15 of my domain names. Because of insufficient time/focus, none got anywhere - as a result I made the decision to pay attention to two, and do them correctly.

Previously, I have tried personally wordpress for any Content management systems of sorts. Among the sites is basically your blog with a lot more PHP based dynamic features. While using PHP-Professional wordpress plugin with wordpress was very complex. I don't possess a decent knowledge of the workings of wordpress, and therefore attempting to integrate these dynamic features as wordpress 'pages' was more effort of computer was worth.

A part of my new method of these developments would be to improve my code. As a result I plan to make use of the Code Ignitor framework to build up both of these sites well.

In principle I sit here and think I'll simply create a simple blogging solution personally Body which shows posts, includes a single page view, and enables comments. I'm however fully conscious of the advantages of wordpress - Search engine optimization, pingbacks, tags etc..

So.. hopefully someone might help me here in regards to what to complete, how to overcome this

Site 1 doesn't have blog, it's totally independent and runs off php/mysql utilizing CI. Site 2 includes a blog aspect into it (the primary aspect) - will i use wordpress or produce a simple blogging service of my very own.

I appreciate wordpress rocks ! just for a blog but attempting to integrate my dynamic aspects is a headache as you would expect.


WordPress Is really a Content management systems.

It's simply a lot of PHP functions. When you get acquainted with a couple of main reasons of methods Wordpress works, it is simple to tailor it for your needs. I suggest considering posts and pages because the same factor. WordPress goodies them the identical, except that certain is save towards the database having a publish_kind of 'post', and also the other of 'page'. I have developed several sites that display pages of content which are simply 'posts' designated to some category. Using get_posts(), query_posts, and WP_Query() to retrieve individuals posts according to specific groups is simple and well recorded.

You've labored with PHP-Professional which enables you to definitely add php code inside a publish. IMO, that's the weakest method to build your site dynamic. You shouldn't be afraid to spread out in the template files and add your custom code there. You may also define your personal functions within the theme's functions.php file or in your wordpress plugin file, then give them a call in the template code. Adding php code inside 'posts' is much like walking neighborhood to obtain your vehicle from your garage.

I believe benefiting from everything that was already put in wordpress may be beneficial, specifically for your site-type site. If you are using WordPress, you will not need to design nor code the whole after sales-admin section. That could save you per week by itself. Plus, it arrives with a wordpress plugin architecture already set-up. I'd spend some time getting acquainted with WP's inner-workings rather than investing two times how long coding my very own blog.

Spend some time with stackoverflow within the wordpress tag, in, as well as in the function reference.