I am searching for a wordpress OR drupal wordpress plugin that the customers of my website can produce a sub discussion for an article on their own and enable other customers to become listed on. This subdiscussion ought to be invisible not to asked Customers. Can there be anything similar? Or could I actually do this another way?

I did not decide upon wordpress or drupal right now, so no matter which content management systems can perform this is it.

Interesting solutions!

I'm not sure of these a module for Drupal but when you'll choose the custom module route here's some pointers to how it may be implemented:

  • Produce a content type known as Subarticle, enable comments and give a Node reference area into it. Let your customers to produce nodes of this type.
  • For that widget from the node reference, make use of the Node Reference URL Widget module developing a hyperlink on each Article, something similar to Produce a Subarticle, instantly making the brand new subarticle indicate the content.
  • For display, sights might be combined with a node argument around the node reference area.
  • For invites and visibility, take a look at Organic Groups. Whenever a new subarticle is saved you will need to programmatically produce a new organic group, result in the current user the dog owner and add the subarticle to that particular group. By having an organic group he is able to then invite customers.

You could utilize Vanilla, that may be easily integrated wtih Drupal or Wordpress (or anything). Read this podcast to determine how easy it's to plug into Wordpress. You will find plug ins for Vanilla that offer the non-public thread functionality you're searching for.