I'm likely to develop a training site that will accommodate multiple customers. It will likewise have plenty of custom pages with videos inside them. Which Content management systems/CMF is much better suited to this project? Please advise..

Wordpress was created in the ground-up to become a blog, but additionally to become modular. Drupal is made to be considered a complete Content management systems as they are, but you will find also extensions for Drupal too. Both of them are Content management systems systems, however, Wordpress is actually designed to become a blogging service. Also, Drupal is a touch more difficult in the beginning and it has a greater learning curve.

However, that you can do what you're trying related to each one. Additionally to as they are functionality, you are able to personalize both Drupal or Wordpress. People often focus on either, and also the choice comes lower to non-public preference (people earn a living from being Drupal or Wordpress designers, that's what's great about free!). When you become experienced in PHP and also the Content management systems platform of preference, you are able to construct your own extensions/modules and also have a very custom website, however i would minimize personalization to simply that which you need. If you're creative in making use of the framework and freely available modules, you might not have to write any code.

Lastly, Drupal gets an entire re-write with version 7, which individuals happen to be waiting a very long time for! If you wish to enter into Drupal, you might want to consider the latest version.

Edit: Personally, I favor Wordpress, I believe the admin section looks great, gives you plenty of control, but without having to be overwhelming (however, my estimation does not really matter). I truly think Wordpress includes a lower learning curve. I am also confident, even though you haven't given many particulars, but when you're thinking about getting simple pages with videos in it, and wish use of individuals pages to become restricted simply to authenticated customers, I am confident it can be done with no custom PHP coding, some HTML.

Here is a couple useful links for Wordpress:

It may be confusing attempting to choose which Content management systems to dive into Hopefully helps just a little!

The reply is Drupal.

I have been running various websites, and couple of years back I made the decision to make use of Drupal as my primary Content management systems engine and that i never looked back.

I made use of Joomla, phpNuke, Mambo and WordPress before and absolutely nothing is really as flexible, as maintainable as Drupal.

My greatest website – world wide web.mugen.pl has 14853 registered customers in order to confirm Drupal is simply ideal for large, heavily used web sites.

Drupal has couple of wonderful 'social-networking' modules I make a great utilization of to make certain my customers want to remain on the web site, sneak preview: (sorry, I have got only screenshots in Polish):

alt text

Regrettably for Drupal, it sometimes requires a while to know this technique. Some theming stuff isn't that apparent in the beginning, however the network is big and try to useful.

Furthermore, Drupal has excellent support for Search engine optimization. It’s built-in “path” module enables to create custom Web addresses for each item around the page, along with other available modules (i.e. Nodewords) let it set custom meta data for each subpage.

Whenever you made the decision to choose Drupal, you need to take a look in the following modules:

Opt for Drupal -)