What's best, Wordpress OR Joomla?

What exactly are their benefits and drawbacks?

By which situation you utilize Wordpress over Joomla and the other way around?

For development which I'm able to use as development framework?

Well, Wordpress is mainly meant for blogs, while Joomla is really a Content management systems. Individuals two uses do possess some overlap and you will extend both platforms greatly with plug ins however in general, when you are trying stuff that need a Content management systems with Wordpress then you'd most likely be best one.

For development platform I've had very enjoyable encounters with Drupal the industry nice platform to plug into (however for a little blog along with a single user it's rather an administration nightmare. This may change with Drupal 7, though).

I've discovered Wordpress to become capable like a simple Content management systems. I've setup a couple of small company sites for individuals using Wordpress as well as their proprietors like it (I've converted one from Joomla simply because they declined to update it simply because they could not comprehend the admin interface). It's very simple to use from an consumer (non-technical) perspective.

Joomla however is an extremely effective platform which i believe was created purely for use by technically minded people.

Have there place however i believe Wordpress is simpler for the consumer/who owns the web site.


Simple to use for user and designer. Simple to code for before you begin to build custom icons, etc. Plenty of FREE extensions and plug ins of top quality that are simple to personalize. Excellent documentation (before you are building custom plug ins, as well as you'll be able to usually find the thing you need if you're adequate at PHP to do this).

Joomla: Harder for user, harder for designer. Tough to code for. Browse the MVC1.7 component tutorial which has something similar to 30 files to be able to store and retrieve "hello world" in the database. Plenty of extensions, most high quality ones aren't free. Many extensions (like K2 and Zoo) exist to hide a few of the gross inadequacies from the built-in content model (like insufficient custom metadata fields and associations, and most one sort of categorization). Documentation has run out of date (most dates to at least one.5, current version is 1.7.3 and a pair of.5 is being released) and also the documentation that is available is nowhere close to thorough as Wordpress.

Otherwise, Joomlas code is nicely organized. Sadly, this does not stop such things as techniques named underscore. Literally, you'll use such things as JHtml::_('stuff')

I had been up on and on writing professional websites that people simple for customers in days, including my first (quite simple) wordpress plugin to change menu structures.

The equivalent time could be spent just trying to puzzle out all Joomla's odd nomenclature.

Nevertheless, Joomla comes with numerous of features... many of which just assist you to accomplish the difficult work they've made from items that can/ought to be simple.

Stay with Drupal 7 or wordpress. Anything beyond the things they're doing, make use of a web application framework like CodeIgniter. You will lay aside yourself an enormous amount of discomfort, hurt, and frustration.

Which would you like to use? Which best meets your requirements?

Joomla is really a Content management systems (cms), while Wordpress is really a blogging service. Both might have plug ins installed and extended for your needs, however i guess it is dependent on your work.

Personally, i can't stand Joomla despite the fact that I've not tried on the extender over a couple of years - my reminiscences continue to be alive with horror :). Wordpress is great, although its code was quite untidy before I checked.

I have heard that Drupal is a fairly Content management systems - check it out too.

Joomla is a little complex however, you can design very neat and effective websites by using it. I've designed a lot more than 100 websites with joomla and that i dont anticipate change to wordpress.

With joomla that you can do nearly anything.