I requested an issue before about utilizing a cms (kind of) and also the response I acquired ended up being to use wordpress. I am getting second ideas though, when i only want the items in one div throughout my whole web site to change daily. I additionally have no need for your comments ought to or any other such options that come with wordpress. Can One so something with php along with a database to do this? Thanks

Facts to consider:

  • Wordpress enables you to definitely create "pages" additionally to blogposts. It's most likely what you want to do.
  • You simply see the necessity to change one now, but how about the coming year?
  • If you are utilizing a webhosting service, it's likely you have use of PHP and mysql databases through them. It will be worthwhile to test out creating your personal tables and scripts with PHP and establishing a Wordpress.
  • You can simply use PHP to gain access to files in your website now, and rotate through individuals, staying away from a Content management systems altogether!

And so forth...