I am trying to alter the from the Lightword theme to exhibit just the page title within the tag, and never the "Page Title Blog Title" it normally does.

Within the header template, I transformed the title line to:

<title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title>

After refreshing the page around the server, still it turned up as "Page Title Blog Title". I continued to remove the title entirely like a test, departing only <title></title> - however it seems something overrode it within Wordpress, and also the same title format arrived on the scene.

Finally, I added an area within the title tag like such (made to break any regexps):

<title><?php wp_title(''); ?></ title>

And finally, my title really arrived on the scene <title>Page Title</ title>. This behavior strikes me as extremely odd, however - how come wordpress (or this theme) resist altering the title structure? Can there be any less-hacky method of getting around it?

Do this rather to exhibit only the page title:

<?php the_title(); ?>


Do this code to obtain only the page title in title:

<title><?php wp_title("",true); ?></title>