Okay, this might seem silly but stick with me.

I'm packaging a Wordpress Premium Theme for sales inside a major marketplace. The theme is heavily based upon a few plug ins (self-developed).

I am unable to expect the purchasers to by hand install both my plug ins before setting up the theme. Now that i'm packaging the styles available, how do you package the plug ins by using it?

I would like the plug ins to an element of the package I ship to the purchasers and also the plug ins should instantly install once the theme is installed.

However, I've come across Premium Theme designers packing some serious custom functionality to their styles. How's such extra functionality integrated using the styles? Can anybody connect to any lessons?

These kinds which i constructed with another developer ought to be a great choice for the problem. :)


A great way to do that is to place your plug ins inside a directory inside your theme. Inside your theme's functions.php...

  • Require wordpress plugin files
  • For widget plug ins, make use of the widgets_init action hook to call register_widget() for every one