I have seen this on the couple of sites now and it is puzzling me. The page is going to be listed underneath the "Edit Posts" listing, however, after i click "View Page" to determine the live publish, its being offered out like a "Page". I will tell this by viewing the origin and the entire body tag is...

<body class="page page-id-37 logged-in"> 

If it is were really a publish, your body tag ought to be

<body class="single postid-63 logged-in"> 

I have seen a "publish to page" along with a "page to publish" wordpress plugin which will convert between pages and posts, however, this website doesn't have plug ins apart from the wordpress defaults (akismet and hello dolly).

I am stumped.

Well I discovered the solution after some more digging. Here's what's happened:

The website owner had initially produced this publish like a "Page". Then he erased this "page" and re-produced it as being a "publish" with similar publish slug because the one he'd erased.

As lengthy because the erased page had exactly the same publish slug because the new "publish", Wordpress was showing this content within the "page.php" template and never the only.perl template.

The only method I possibly could get results was to visit the Page's Trash listing and click on "remove permanently" around the original page.

your may look at this on body class functon, this function usually utilized by theme developer. It directly output class based on theme developer input. It appear the theme developer just use one file (page.php) to exhibit page and publish. (and it is better method of create single.php to exhibit a publish).

So, the output is going to be as if you describe.