I am editing a wordpress template, known as BlueGrey (download : http://www.skinpress.com/bluegrey-theme-2/ )

But I have an issue. after i edit index.php and run myblog, php stated:

Parse error: parse error in C:wampwww***wp-contentthemesBlueGreyindex.php online 52

line 52 ::

i copied and pasted index.php (edited version) in pastebin:: http://pastebin.com/EMtxJN4h

note 1::: i've this issue on WAMP, and Xampp run it perfectly.

note 2::: original index.php hasn't any difficulty ::: ht tp://pastebin.com/cmqJHqeh


Use rather than : endwhile
Likewise try enabling shorttag in wamp.
Or just turn error confirming off in php.ini

You are able to copy your php.ini file from Xamp installation to Wamp, since it is working fine in Xamp as pointed out on your part.

Online 47 you've:


Automatically WAMP likes the entire opening of: