I'm wishing someone might help me this this issue.

I understand how to password safeguard a webpage in wordpress admin area, within the edit page area, edit the visibility and hang it to password protected. I wish to determine if you will find wordpress php functions to see if the consumer entered the right password within the layout php file. It appears to simply show the password input box if is within your layout. I'm showing far more content than simply in the wordpress publish during my layout. I wish to have the ability to see if the consumer has entered this password after which show the relaxation of the content.

Now when i was penning this, I figured up one idea, it does not use any wordpress functions. I possibly could potentially look into the cookie that wordpress sets with this, just see if the cookie is available therefore we be aware of individual is drenched in. This really is presuming the password protected pages use snacks.

Any help about this is appreciated.

Thanks, Ian

You can examine the periods as opposed to the snacks. It appears unlikely that Wordpress would look at your login status inside a cookie being that they are very easy to fake. It could look for an encoded password within the snacks and sign in by using their, after which produce a session.