I am overtaking a wordpress site which was not completed. All of the pages that were produced were erased.

I produced a webpage and attempted to relabel its permalink to 'volunteer'.

However, I SUSPECT this site used to be produced because after i edit it and title it to /volunteer ... it instantly saves it as being /volunteer-2 ?

Basically produce a random named page ..i.e. testingPage, it'll save the permalink like this all right.

(My permalinks setting is placed to: /%postname%/) ...

And So I think there's a listing somewhere of formerly saved page names... can someone let me know where thats at and just how I'm able to obvious it?

Permalinks aren't saved but dynamically produced based on your configurations.

The %postname% is really a column known as post_name inside a table known as wp_posts... theoretically you can just change whatever is saved there However I suspect this is harmful!

For any query that will get the permalinks see http://wp.daveheavyindustries.com/2011/02/08/wordpress-permalink-via-sql/

Additional information:

Would be the erased posts erased in the database or simply put into the WordPress "Trash"? Whenever you save a publish, it will get a distinctive "slug" which is often used within the %postname% area of the URL. Posts which are within the "Trash" remain within the database, so the code picks it up. Should you take away the old posts in the database, you should use the title again.