How do you 'reroute' a 'Questions' category publish page to a differentOrpersonalized single.php and comments.php page (I am renaming it singlequestion.php/singlequestioncomments.php after editing)


I am adding the Question and Answer Forum wordpress plugin and want to personalize a few things.

In the webpage, the consumer can click the 'QA' link that takes these to a 'page' which has the QA form. After that, they publish their question and that i use and approve it as being a publish, tag it as being 'question' category, publish it and respond within the comments section because the 'answer'.

I should also alter the words 'comments' and submit 'comment' to see: Solutions/Submit Answer around the publish page w/ the solutions.

Duplicate your overall single.php template file, refer to it as single-publish.php. Create a apply for the questions you have category, known as single-question.php

In single.php you need to do the logic to ascertain if the present publish is at your category. Like below:

if ( in_category('X') ) {
    include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/single-question.php');
} else {
    include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/single-post.php');

You have to change X in in_category('X') to become the statistical ID questions you may have category.