I'm very a new comer to WordPress, and so i would appreciate outside assistance.

I'm using WordPress like a Content management systems, and i'm attempting to make the one thing work to ensure that after i choose a webpage to edit, there's a unique box where I'm able to input PHP code which will execute on my small page.

I've discovered the PHP professional wordpress plugin, which works perfectly, but I must keep your code from my primary text editor, taken care of of my client's careless fingers.

Any suggestions could be very, very appreciated. Thanks!

You can produce a template for every one, and can include your PHP there.

Simply choose web site in the page edit page.

But when you're only together with a little PHP per page, you can get the slug via WordPress inside your page template and act onto it accordingly.

PHP Professional is the greatest wordpress plugin I've discovered, and that i looked lengthy and difficult for your one. The issue with doing the work while you suggest is when the PHP code shows a product around the page, still it needs to be formatted inside the page too. It's a simple logistical problem, but a bit of an intricate coding problem. I've not been capable of getting around to focusing on developing a better wordpress plugin for this.

You may also add an extra meta box on the post editor page, only visible for you, having a textarea where one can add the code. You'd save it as being a meta area from the publish. Your template can look for the presence of this area, and carry it out if found.