I'm attempting to display posts outdoors wordpress. I already realize how to want 'wp-blog-header.php' file and display the publish during my page.

Transpire is the fact that I would like have plug ins like 'Audio Link Player' (which adds expensive audio players to any or all mp3 links.) affect my custom page too.

I'm able to display the preferred publish content on my small page. However the wordpress plugin isn't using onto it therefore the mp3 file links are simply proven normally.

Inside Wordpress-powered pages, the wordpress plugin is instantly adding a person to the mp3 links. it does not have to call or anything. And So I can't only use for instance '[audio:blabla.mp3]' during my custom page.

Must i require every other file to be able to result in the wordpress plugin treat my page like a wordpress page and add the ball player to mp3 links ?

Or must i make use of a separate php code for transforming my mp3 link right into a player?

Only check it out. With wordpress-blog-header.php you need to have the ability to get all wordpress functionality inside your non-wordpress-powered site.