After several plug ins got up-to-date yesterday I saw within the source code that really no wordpress plugin is loaded(1) around the frontpage any longer. On the rest of the pages everything works all right.

Probably the most apparent the first is the menubar (wordpress-menubar-wordpress plugin), and for the time being I made the best for that home page(2) loading a tough coded copy from the menu when i could not debug the problem.

To compare:

  • home page: as newby I only can publish on link so please make use of the one below and then click "home" to check the origin code (only header) from the home page and and all sorts of other pages. Sorry and Thanks )
  • other page example:

I attempted some debugging by deactivating all plug ins and initiating one by one without any change. I'd a glance through my template files and could not find something that might cause this 'exception'.

Has anybody knowledge about this or perhaps a similar behavior? I'd be grateful for just about any hint where I possibly could begin with the debugging.

Appreciate any help, Albert

(1) the simplest test may be the 'All in a single Search engine optimization Pack' that ought to be based in the header

(2) if (is_page('home')) ... echo css and in your body echo html

I can not exactly say what it really was, but following the provider change some permissions to ensure that I do not obtain the 550 error again all of the plug ins work again too.

Many thanks for the help!