I'm attempting to make use of the function reference wordpress_place_user (as recorded here http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_insert_user#Usage) to produce a new user account once the wordpress plugin operates.

How do you specify what privledges the account has along with the login title / pass?

My wordpress plugin code presently appears like this:



I attempted to check the wordpress plugin out of the box , and right now it does not produce the account.

In the beginning, it broke WordPress and would cause no pages (even admin panel) to not load.

I added the function myplugin_activate() line and also, since it does not break WordPress.

Anybody have insight on obtaining the account produced upon activation?

Well, the hyperlink you've published consists of here is how to specify login, password and so forth :) just consider the notes section, all possible choices are listed.

User isn't produced since your function isn't known as, simple as that. You have to register a hook. Add this line before ?> :

register_activation_hook( __FILE__ ,'myplugin_activate');