I am attempting to develop a site according to Wordpress for any client. Eventually it will likely be accustomed to publish videos that could be located in your area, but to lessen costs it might be better when we could host all of our videos on somewhere like YouTube or Vimeo.

I am searching for a wordpress plugin or perhaps a method of hacking a current wordpress plugin to be able to accomplish this. The concept is the fact that whenever we list a brand new item on the website, customers of iTunes / ipod device and then any other (more) standards compliant podcatcher should have the ability to see the video.

Ideally Let me escape without writing just one type of code, but that won't be possible. The very best solution for me personally is one which necessitates the least work load!

Upload the recording either to Vimeo or YouTube, then re-publish it using blogging platforms, utilizing a wordpress plugin to embed the recording (here's one for Vimeo, another for YouTube).

Any podcatcher should pick it on the WordPress Feed - is it necessary the best idea!?