I've got a WordPress site for any client. He is the owner of a relevant video store, and that i designed a site for him to update their email list of movies, usually only the "new nowInch movies.

I made use of PodCMS as a good way for him to upload movies after which display them. No requirement for him to even create posts. Works very well, it is a great extension, I am just getting some issues.

The Pod includes a area in which you place the discharge date. 2010-04-20
Then there's a Pod page/template combo that calls the films having a certain release date such as this:
$date = pods_url_variable('last');
Then he just produces an empty Wordpress page using the slug 2010-04-20
Then when you open that page, the Pod page/template reads that slug and renders a listing from the appropriate movies.

My problem: I want those to be searchable. Is possible.

I am also available to suggestions on different ways to carry out causeing this to be site work. I want so that it is as easy as that. Uploads some movies and produces a brand new page. Then your relaxation is performed instantly.

Please and thank everyone

Which means you require the WordPress page content - their email list of movies - to become searchable?

Wordpress does not search pages natively, and can with WordPress › Search Everything « WordPress Plugins and check better with WordPress › Relevanssi « WordPress Plugins

A PodsCMS search is simply a mySQL table look for the search phrase. Searching the title, body, virtually anything. Here's a good example:

Note: I am using "whatever" because the pod info. I am also developing a string that adopts the $where position which comprises the different coffee pods variables I wish to explore. Also, I am presuming pagination while using Coffee pods pagination controls however i want that variable transported over the pages in order to offset.


$search_term = $_GET["s"];
$paged = get_query_var('paged');
$page_number = $_GET['pg'];


      Results for "<?php echo $search_term; ?>"<?php if($page_number > 1){ ?> (Continued)<?php } ?><?php if($paged > 1){ ?> (Continued)<?php } ?>

  <?php if($paged <= 1){ ?>
  <h2>Results in Whatever...</h2>

            $whateverSentence = "(t.name LIKE '%" .$search_term. "%') || (t.whatever LIKE '%" .$search_term. "%')";
            $whatever = new Pod('whatever');
            $whatever->findRecords($orderby = 't.whatever DESC', $rows_per_page = 5, $where = $whateverSentence, $sql = null);
            $total_whatever = $whatever->getTotalRows();
      <?php if( $total_whatever >0 ) : ?>
      <?php while ( $whatever->fetchRecord() ) : ?>
            // Set Variables
            $whatever_ID = $whatever->get_field('id');
            $whatever_Permalink = $whatever->get_field('slug');
            $whatever_Name = $whatever->get_field('name');


Code that echos the pods variables and represents the search result

<?php endwhile ?>

<?php else: ?>

<p>Sorry, no results found for that search.</p>

<?php endelse; endif ?>
<?php echo $whatever->getPagination($label = '<span class="pagination-text">Go to page:</span>'); ?>

<?php } ?>