I am attempting to setup the Nivo Slider on my small Wordpress site with no wordpress plugin and also the images aren't loading. Here is a connect to the page I am focusing on - Test site

Can anybody see what the issue is please?

UPDATE: I have got the identical code running on the non wordpress site and everythings running so I am wondering if wordpress may be the problem.

There's a 404 not found for that images you're loading, check to make certain they really exist where you stand connecting to.

I believe it is because you are attempting to initiate nivo while using $, which provides this error: $ is not defined - http://teamworksdesign.com/v2/ - Line 12

The 2 techniques that I have accustomed to circumvent this are:

Method 1: Add $j = jQuery.noConflict(); Then, instead of all $, use $j

Method 2: Wrap your code in


Rather than installing the Nivo slider and by hand putting it in I have used the Nivo slider light wordpress plugin rather. It's open enough to provide you with a great deal of control.

It appears by hand putting it in produces conflicts with wordpress.

All is working fine using the wordpress plugin.