nintendo wii I understand in wordpress you will get publish_content,etc but let say I input in to the content only a url such after which i wish to have that url in the div therefore it would seem like something along individuals lines. must i do anything whatsoever special using the url or can one just get publish_content. My finish goal would be to incorporate the url inside a colorbox therefore it will just grab the url in the publish content and employ it using the colorbox??

hope that made some sense... thanks -david

You don't have to complete anything special when it comes to planning your publish around the admin side, but to include this in to the Colorbox code, make certain you're putting the 'post_content' in the best place. Within the 'Outside HTML (IFrame)' example in the Colorbox site:

You can implement your code the following:

<?php your wordpress query here?>
 <a class="colorboxClass" href="<?php the_content(); ?>">Your Colorbox Link Text</a>
<?php end your query?>