I've my permalinks in WordPress set towards the Month and Title setting. This creates Web addresses like /blog/2009/09/my-publish-title. Whenever a publish is up-to-date, it changes the posting date, which could potentially alter the permalink address.

This really is causing some damage to my website, as I'll have banner/button advertisements throughout that could indicat the permalink. Whenever a publish from August is up-to-date in September, all the advertisements become damaged links until I uncover this and alter it.

Can there be in whatever way to create the initial posting date stay static, despite any updates? I am searching for something similar to a plug-in or perhaps an overlooked setting, when i have multiple authors with different levels laptop or computer literacy.

Thank you for any help! Cory

Update: Apparantly this really is behavior that others aren't going through, so I am affixing a screen shot of exactly what is happening. Top image is before saving, bottom image is after saving. alt text

Are you certain upgrading a publish changes the permalink? I do not have this behavior during my installations. Exactly what do changes a permalink is altering the publish date.

In database, acoording to this schema, we've publish__date and publish__modified, two different characteristics: utilized in create an update action. If you are getting your publish-date modified without modifying it directly

Updating a post date in Wordpress

then I am afraid some wordpress plugin might be altering it's value.

Reading through your description, I am presuming you are using static links for your ad banners. Use an easy wordpress plugin that produces these links according to your publish id: some simple routine would get it done. You will get some good info using get_post for instance.

    $my_id = 7;
    $post_id_7 = get_post($my_id, ARRAY_A);
    $slug = $post_id_7['post_name'];

... as well as simpler with get_permalink. You'll need just your publish id.

    echo get_permalink(7);

So, a minimum of in case your permalinks are altering with no reason and also you dont understand how to fix them, a minimum of you are able to build them dinamically.

Just browse the codex documentation and Function Reference to determine what's avaiable to create your existence simpler!

I run exactly the same permalink configurations and do not have a problem with publish updates altering the permalink. You will find separate editor configurations for that permalink along with a user needs to particularly alter the permalink from that editor, that is right underneath the publish title within the text editing box within the publish editor. This is a Wordpress factor to help keep permalinks from getting damaged constantly.

Perhaps you should use a couple of static pages? That method for you to have both a clean permalink: mysite.com/mypermalink/ that will not change, if actually your publish permalinks are altering from the wordpress plugin you need to use.