Obtaining the same issue because this guy within the discussion board for that parent theme... http://themeshaper.com/forums/topic/excerpt-on-front-page-childtheme_override_content_init-never-called#post-16836

I request here because nobody appeared to have the ability to help him.

If anybody knows wordpress very well, and it has worked using the thematic theme framework before, your help could be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time.

If your childtheme_override_content_init() already is available in certain other place, you cannot 'override' it.

You should check when the function is available with the addition of this type of code inside your single.php:

echo print_r(function_exists('childtheme_override_content_init()'))

Whether it prints TRUE the function is available, it will not work. Within this situation you've 2 options. Remove the initial function or change it out some thing while you expect.

Take a look at when the framework have Hooks you can use to change the behaviour from the function so it's not necessary to change or remove the initial function.

Solved this after many hrs working. I do not believe simply because I've already spent hrs onto it and requested on stack, which i should simply quit trying.

Quote from the publish in the link provided within the question...

After focusing on this for a significant while, that which was missing was you possessed to include the experience...


Yes, it appears as if you should not need to do this because online 801 the add_action function is known as...


This really is Within the elseif statment, and it is only run when the child override function doesn't exist.

While my fix works, I suggest the "add_action" line be moved outdoors of the closing brace.