I am searching for a good way to assign a publish number to every publish in wordpress and display it from the final amount of posts. Just a little info:

  1. You will see about 100 "posts", each by itself page
  2. I would like customers to click through each publish, so start at publish 1 and click on "next publish" to get at publish 2
  3. I would like it to say publish 4/100 at the very top for every publish
  4. I would like the URL to achieve the publish title inside it

I would use Wordpress-PageNavi and hang each page to show 1 publish, however require the hyperlink to show /publish-title/ and never /page/2/

I understand I'm able to count final amount of posts pretty easily, any idea the way i can assign several to every publish without needing to get it done by hand? Let me sort by date added.

You might be searching in the problem in the wrong position. A publish url consists of publish-title, so you have to improve your previous/next nav links to visit the priorOrsubsequent publish as opposed to the previous/next index page.