I am using wordpress like a simple after sales Content management systems for any expensive site. Posts are queried and displayed in list format around the frontend. I wish to have the ability to make publish edits or add new posts on my small staging server, and also have a fast and simple method to publish changes to production without needing to perform a full mysql db dump / import. I have looked around for plug ins or solutions but haven't found any. Appears like wordpress requires a "publish to production" option.

The intended workflow is the fact that customers can make or edit content around they need, then an editor will feel it and approve content. Once everything looks good on staging, we publish to production. Any ideas?

A number of this thread at Wordpress might be relevant because it concerns moving from staging to production and using relative and absoulte pathways, etc.

WordPress comes with a preview button which should permit you to begin to see the Wordpress content without really posting. Should you must view it within the expensive site, I believe your best choice is to setup your expensive site with XML-PRC.