I am creating a style for wordpress. I want suggestions about the way i would construct it.

At the end of my Frontpage/Home I'll put a clips (a title along with a short description of blog publish) of what's new during my Blog .

Preview: alt text


What approach must i use? I'm able to result in the bottom page widget ready and can only use widget or uses PHP to drag particulars during my 'blog' page (I dunno how to get it done php, a hyperlink could be helpful)

what's the proper approach? I am creating it for any client. My problem is Basically will make it widget ready, client would need to install the widget. Basically would get it done on PHP, (I've no resource and idea in doing that )


You will need to know some PHP and JavaScript if you wish to create a Wordpress theme on your own. Otherwise I recommend to change a current one.

Here is the theme development help from WP.

You will need to operate a loop, by which you'll retrieve the posts in the database (Wordpress handles that) and demonstrate to them when needed.

The Loop In Action and Building Custom Wordpress Themes

Hope that can help