OK I've this site running Wordpress at http://www.visualise.ca/ and that i installed the qTranslate wordpress plugin to possess a bilingual installation. Should you visit http://www.visualise.ca/?lang=fr you will notice in france they version of this site.

However , it messes up my AJAX scripts so I must make use of the qTranslate option that enables me to possess my french version inside a sub-domain at http://fr.visualise.ca/ rather.

After I activate this method the http://fr.visualise.ca/ returns blank (Server not found) here are my questions:

1) I suppose I must use .htaccess ? If so, what is the syntax ?

2) I produced sub-domain fr.imagine.ca and managed to get indicate the main document folder of my Wordpress installation, is the fact that ok?

Thank you for the some time and help

UPDATE: Really it had been working I needed to use and make up a sub-domain for fr.www.imagine.ca rather than fr.imagine.ca ... That is type of ugly :-/