I've code that can take the title of the term and pulls inside a publish of the custom publish type of the identical title. This is effective. Except whenever a £ character is incorporated in the title.

e.g. pseudocode

$q = new WP_Query (array( 'name' => "Insurance Rating £1K"));
    // expected path of logic flow
} else {
    // nothing was found =s

This publish truly does exist, yet it's not found, which problem only affects cases having a '£' character within the title. Since Wordpress already purifies the game titles etc, what's happening? How come this not work?


This can be a general situation, not specific to the codebase of mine. I wish to know why this occurs and just how to prevent it, the codebase this primary came about was irrelevant. And So I do not need a different, as I am searching for Why it happened

edit 2:

The database tables are utilizing utf8_general_ci encoding.

The £ character may also be saved out of the box, less a html entity, here is a screenshot from phpmyadmin:

Database row

What encoding is the PHP file in, and will it match the encoding from the database? They have to match with this to operate. (Look at your IDE or this link supplied by @Tom)

Failing that, make certain the character is not a £ entity rather than the literal character.