Getting a little of config trouble in Wordpress and question if anybody might help. It has been annoying me for some time, but maybe it's a simple problem that I have sorely overlooked.

I'm attempting to work in your area on the Wordpress site (through MAMP) which was built with a friend, but after installing the files, posting the database, and seeking to gain access to http://localhost', I am obtaining the following prompt:

"A account information are now being asked for by 'localhost'. The website states: "Secure directory".

I've attempted the passwords which i use for that site, database, etc, but nothing appears to operate. Does anybody have suggestions. The config.php file is correct so far as I will tell, and also the permissions will also be granted, but this really is beginning to bug me now.

Any help could be greatly appreciated :)


This appears like a note from apache showing the directory/ folder you're using continues to be password protected. You can do this through either the Apache config files or, I believe, through htaccess.