I'm presently creating a wordpress website having a page that enables inquiries to be requested. However, when now you ask , requested, the page for your particular question cannot be found.

I've attempted different question and answer plug ins and i've had exactly the same problems. Hitting the question (or around the link that states "All QueriesInch) takes me for an error page that states "this site cannot be found".

Normally the questions page in the wordpress plugin uses the only.perl template file.

I have no idea if other people has been doing this before or has already established this issue before. I'm presently testing the wprdpress site on my small machine so i'm not in a position to provide u having a link.

I really hope someone might help me with this particular despite the fact that i realize the information ive given is very limited.

Thanks ahead of time

ps, the wordpress plugin website is: http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/qa-wordpress-questions-and-answers-plugin-lite

In case your while using free light version from the wordpress plugin you need to directly request the wordpress plugin author around the WordPress.org support forums.

Lots of customers feel this wordpress plugin is really a blatant Stackoverflow rip off so that your likely not getting much help here.