I have finally experienced my server ready to go using Nginx because the frontend listening on port 80 and Apache listening on 8080 there is however not a problem there, the particular problem resides with WordPress...

The problem is each time I login it redirects to: http://www.site.com:8080/

Which breaks a couple of things using blogging platforms for whatever reason, like I can not place images towards the posts when i get Permission Refused from Firebug so without :8080 being added onto the URL everything works properly.

The same is true anybody know a fix or perhaps a file I have to modify in WordPress or whatever - I'd greatly be thankful!

Thanks ahead of time!

You are following this document:


and specificallly

 ProxyPreserveHost On 

presuming your config is sane. If nginx is a little untidy a

        $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] = "...any host..";

to the peak of wordpress-config.php will wack it vigorously into any shape. Bit brute pressure though.