I’ve an issue about Wordpress’ publish and pages. I am not a new comer to Wordpress but this feature is really a first for me personally and that i can’t really appear to obtain my mind around it.

The situation is, that I've got a parent page (focusareas) with a quantity of static kids (child01, child02, child03, etc.) These youngsters are as pointed out static and don't change (or change hardly any with time) but the truth is that you will see some blogs which are based on them – however the blogs also need to work as a completely independent entity. Each blog publish can have many comments, however the child01, 02, 03, … n subpages cannot have comments.

Can you really “connect” or “relate” your blog publish to some page (subpage) and list them around the subpage?

I have no idea if I’ve described it properly but otherwise please tell me and I’ll draw a diagram or explain in further particulars.

- Mestika

I want 2 things.

The very first is use custom fields to keep wich posts ( or category, or other things ) relates to this site. http://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Fields

The second reason is use get_posts loop, to "call" these posts inside other loop, with all of his features: http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/get_posts