Can there be any WordPress equivalent function for Drupal's url()?

So far as I understand, Drupal utilizes a db table known as url_alias to map regular web addresses to nice ones, but WordPress only use that .htaccess file. So, there won't be any url() equivalent for WordPress.

Incidentally you are able to take advantage from the get_page_uri() function to obtain a wordpress page url.

Browse the file link-template.php in wordpress-includes.

It's filled with helpful URL functions! (also take a look at category-template.php for get_category_link() and get_tag_link()).

Based on the documentation for that drupal function I believe the nearest factor you are gonna find is site_url().


 * Retrieve the website url for that current site.


 * Returns the 'site_url' option using the appropriate protocol,  'https' if

 * is_ssl() and 'http' otherwise. If $plan is 'http' or 'https', is_ssl() is

 * overridden.


 * @package WordPress

 * @since 2.6.


 * @uses get_site_url()


 * @param string $path Optional. Path in accordance with the website url.

 * @param string $plan Optional. Plan to provide the website url context. Presently 'http','https', 'login', 'login_post', or 'admin'.

 * @return string Site url link to optional path appended.


site_url(string path, string plan)