I've got a website at http://www.hairdressersinleedscitycentre.co.uk which presently ranks about 15th in the search engines once the keyword 'hairdressers in leeds city centre' is looked for.

Right now I've got a webpage (root degree of my website) that shows a short intro as well as an image. Then I've got a page at http://hairdressersinleedscitycentre.co.uk/hairdressers-in-leeds-city-centre/ that lists my posts (Most likely smart to alter the the alias here?).

My posts link through to their personal individual pages (about 50 posts as a whole), as both versions Google indexes. Presently, about 45 approximately of those are now being overlooked because of them getting similar content in every.

Now towards the question in hands if I wish to get my website rated greater using the above keyword, would really my posts be best as - (a) All-in-one large single publish/page or (b) Because they are in separate posts however with better Search engine optimization optimisation (META &lifier alt tags etc...).

Have one page for every subject you want to go over. This enables each page to become customized to that particular subject by utilization of <hx> along with other semantic markup (e.g. <title>,links). For those who have similar content spread across multiple pages you need to either condense all that content onto one page or use canonical Web addresses to inform the search engines like google which page may be the "primary" page and also to overlook the others (and therefore prevent duplicate content/poor content issues).

FYI, meta data don't have any impact on a page's ranking and alt characteristics have so very little value that they are not really worth worrying about (but you need to use them correctly because they do boost the ease of access of the website).

return to fundamentals. do your market and keyword research using pay per click keyword tool, collate the produces a spreadsheet and identify the mind terms and lengthy tail versions, take a look at synonyms within search - type ~yourkeyword into google (using the ~) after which collate these exactly like you did lengthy tail, using the synonyms under each mind term.

then produce a unique title that begins together with your primary keyword and it is lengthy tail

this content ought to be between 300 and 600 words (the greater the greater) and become of magazine quality (not filler or rambling), allow it to be really helpful and remove your commercial intent i.e. dont try to sell anyting

make certain the information has summary sentences and also the appropriate titles

dont bother an excessive amount of about keyword density but do consider including your synonym terms where appropriate

then adjust your site menu system to mirror these mind terms

and make links to every page utilizing a combination of all the mind, lengthy tail and synonym terms as the anchor-text from sites that have a superior trustrank

hope that can help

Do both.

Every publish must have its very own page. These publish pages may then be Internet search engine enhanced for every publish individually (like meta data, title tag, user-friendly url, h1 tag for publish title, ...).

For navigation and usability, you are able to still create a page with multiple publish teaser games listed. Pages such as this are helpful to navigate, but score less in search engines like google. Here you will find the individual publish pages for. Make certain that you simply give your publish links in this article all relevant title-characteristics.

Make certain that search engines like google can find the person publish pages. adding these to your sitemap will definitely help.

Using key phrases in publish game titles and user-friendly web addresses informs search engines like google as well as your site visitors a great deal. Don't result in the game titles or web addresses too lengthy or irrelevant.

Hope this can help!

Simply to make things a little simpler for you personally, I'd suggest by using this wordpress plugin - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-seo/

It adds another box to every page/publish within the Wordpress admin that will help you to give unique game titles, explanations and key phrases to every of the pages/posts.

There's a lot of good things about utilizing it but we have had positive results by using it.