I've got a niche website that must allow customers to publish occasions along with other items to the web site. Wordpress works perfectly with this option (along with other needs). The issue is, there's additionally a weekly e-newsletter (released like a Pdf) that will get delivered to a sizable opt-in list. Can there be in whatever way to configure Wordpress (via wordpress plugin or hack) to transmit the Items in the publish towards the admin inside a csv or rtf file of some kind? The posts themselves may have several custom fields. The majority of the stuff I churn up after i look for "publish to email" for Wordpress is the other way round, for individuals attempting to send an e-mail and also have that publish for their site, which isn't what I wish to do. I guess other ideas of having around my problem are available to consideration too. Thanks!!

One of the ways I'm thinking you can make this happen but haven't examined it. You can create a php script to parse the feed and email that contents. Based on whether the number of posts get completed in per week, you can either produce a function for this to fireplace following the publish is published or possess a cron job onto it and send it once per week prior to the e-newsletter will be sent. Sorry I am not before my machine which has Wordpress installed to try it out.