What are the plug ins or hacks that permit setting icons to individual pages?

EDIT: Using self-located (.org) 2.8.4

A good example of use could be: when you are editing a webpage within the admin, you'd ideally be capable of assign icons to that particular specific page. The default Wordpress behavior is much more "any nothing" for the reason that you assign icons towards the global sidebar and that is it... all pages obtain the identical group of icons... no "per page" assignment of icons.

The Widget Logic plugin basically accomplishes the preferred result having a backwards approach, however it does not appear to utilize the Rich Text Widget plugin.

Finally found the Widget Context plugin which does things i need.

You will find several high quality ones. Display Icons is my personal favorite. Widget Locationizer is possibly better quality, but takes longer to handle. You cannot fail with each one.

I'm not sure associated with a plug ins that will give this functionality, but you might like to take a look at page templates here: WP Page Templates

With this particular route its much more of a hack, while you can't make use of the Content management systems after sales to handle your icons. You would need to by hand cut and paste the code from the widget to your page.