I've got a blog and I wish to write some posts in the spanish language plus some other in british (no publish come in both languages).

So, I wish to have the ability alter the value came back by language_characteristics() function for several posts. I have seen that language_characteristics() uses get_bloginfo('language'). And So I guess in wordpress, language is made to attend 'the whole site' level instead of at 'post' or 'page' level.

I believe I have only two solutions: to create a wordpress plugin in that we can define the word what for every publish (which would need to make use of a filter like here. Or to utilize a multi-language wordpress plugin, the industry too sophisticated solution for my simple problem.

Every other ideas? Every other wordpress plugin o simple solution?


You will find plug-inches already readily available for establishing a multilingual WordPress blog. You might like to take a look into this subject: http://codex.wordpress.org/Multilingual_WordPress. So, you could utilize a current plug-in.