I love to possess a whole website build in wordpress. Throughout the site you will see phone number, address, some link in some places...

I love to have the ability to defin variable shorttag within the admin panel somewhere, and have the ability to place it within the WYSIWYG like this :

you can contact us anytime [phone] or visit us here : [address]

so altering addres or number is really a snap !

any idea, i acquired http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-configs/screenshots/ but have to place in php not shorttag...

You should use the do_shortcode() function to output the shortcode values using php. Presuming that


<? echo do_shortcode('[phone]'); ?>

Making use of your wordpress plugin is simple to define shortcodes which are outputting this content of the custom setting

function get_phone($atts, $content = null) {
 return get_config('phone-settings');
add_shortcode('phone', 'get_phone');

Presuming that inside your plug ins, you've defined a custom configurations using the key phone-settings