The like my wordpress install. I'm attempting to display category list within the sidebar but getting problem with wordpress_list_groups function. You will find number of groups within the system but this function just prints "NO Groups".

Can't understand why.

Any ideas?

  1. Make certain you've a minimum of 1 Publish in each and every category you need to display

  2. wp_list_categories ought to be outdoors from the wordpress LOOP. You'll most likely have to supply the sidebar's code prior to the LOOP's code.

You are while using right function, but you have to adjust a parameter for this. You are receiving

No Groups

due to the fact the groups defined within the WordPress taxonomy don't have any posts designated for them.

Try passing the hide_empty argument to wp_list_categories( $args ); 1 for true and for false.


This situation can have all groups no matter their publish count.

Reference the wp_list_categories Codex page for additional help.