Things i require is either a simple-to-use slideshow with features like uploading and rezising images to suit, and exhibiting the slideshow within the template. (i wish to have the ability to add it by hand within the template)

I have been searching for one, although not most of them enables the consumer to upload images. Or even the wordpress plugin is too complicated and it has a lot of useless controls for that slideshow which can not be switched off.

So, if anybody knows a great simple slideshow, tell me.

Really, it might be Comfortable with an upload-wordpress plugin of some kind. Only a simple wordpress plugin that enables the consumer to upload and re-size photos and save these questions folder. I'm able to code the slideshow myself as needed. That will really be the greatest way, however i can't appear to locate that either.

Tell me if guess what happens i am searching for.

Thanks ahead of time.