I've got a website that I have to update that is designed in asp. I believe that it is a home windows server.

I needed to rewrite this website in wordpress. Can you really do this on the home windows server?

If at all possible, what's the easiest method to build in wordpress on home windows server?

Must I just buy another hosting account with linux and repoint the dns after i am done?

I frequently run WordPress on my small Home windows 7 development machine. It's really not every that difficult, and that i once even installed WordPress on the Home windows Server located through GoDaddy.

The items you will need to set on the server (when they aren't already):

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache (if you wish to serve pages through Apache instead of IIS)

If you would like, the Home windows Web Platform Installer can really automate a lot of the procedure for you personally. It'll download WordPress (and it is dependencies) and configure everything for that server.

You will find step-by-step instructions for implementing the net installer situated around the WordPress Codex

If you would like an alternate, you are able to use a BitNami application stack for WordPress (which includes PHP, MySQL, and Apache) too.

Searching "Wordpress on Home windows" should provide you with a good overview.

  • Microsoft formally claims Wordpress runs fine on IIS, and (basically see clearly right) is even one-click installable with WebMatrix (whatever that's).

  • Learn.iis.net comes with an (older but most likely still valid) article detailing the steps essential to by hand install WordPress on IIS.

If you do not be aware of more knowledge about the IIS that's running, and do not understand how to administer the package you are designed to install all of this on, you may be best obtaining a fresh Linux package. However, I am sure you can get WordPress to operate on IIS within this era - it might take some fine-tuning though.