I've got a wordpress site and that i changed the house page with static html page with links towards the posts during my site. In a single portion of the site I'm loading recent 10 posts. With this I'm utilizing a notepad file, where I'm storing the current 10 posts links( To be able to minimize database queries )

Maybe there is any advantage in calling the information in the notepad file, rather than a database query.

Please suggest me some suggestions to boost the performance of my website.

Wordpress sites can rapidly become pretty slow, particularly if you are using lots of plug ins etc.. Fixing this by by hand creating static pages appears a little shortsighted in my experience, since you are essentially tossing the primary reason behind utilizing a CMS–like system the window.

It may sound in my experience like caching should solve your problems all right. Install and configure e.g. a wordpress plugin like WP Super Cache and also you server will instantly create, update and serve static HTML for you personally.

Use WPSupercache + Cloudflare , All of your traffic is going to be routed with the CloudFlare system, and you will enjoy all of this features and much more free of charge : - Cache all of your static content instantly (FREE CDN). - They safeguard your internet site. - Website preloader. - (JS - CSS - HTML) Files compression.