In WordPress 3 I have setup a static top of the page (known as "Home"). I have to give a symptom in my common header which will return true when viewing the primary website. The built-in function is_page('blog') does not work with this, is_front_page() does not either and it is_home() returns true on Home not surprisingly. I possibly could have sworn Wordpress already were built with a function for identifying if we are around the blog index, however i aren't able to find it anywhere. Can there be one, or should i write a custom function?

the funcation it'sentranceweb page() for your static top of the page, and it ishouse() for your recent posts page. you have to do a problem.

Be mindful concerning the queries you are running before testing on which page you're, simply because they can customize the standard one for that instance.

To make sure you will get the preferred page, perform a wp_reset_query() right before the is_home(), or is_page() test.