Can there be any special parameter will be able to pass to look hyperlink to sort it by date . And it is there any parameter to improve the amount of search engine results came back ?


I have made some modifications around the Search Unleashed wordpress plugin, it is the right one I have found and it is pretty easy to customize

In my opinion this wordpress plugin will help you to sort by date:

Hope it will help!

WordPress search has already been sorted by date, newest first. If that is not what you are searching for, you are at a complete loss without needing plug ins and/or editing source code. So no, (going for a guess here) you cannot pass URL parameters to some explore a third party WordPress site to alter the data you receive back.

This quote from Joost p Valk, one of the main WordPress gurus available, from his site

WordPress default search kinda sucks. It sorts the outcomes by date, latest first, and interface smart it does not have the awesome things we are accustomed to whenever we search in for example Google.

It is principally regarding how to enhance the search functionality of your site.