I am getting this error:

Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too couple of arguments in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/wordpress-content/plug ins/surveys/wpframe.php on line 53

the code reads...

if(!function_exists('t')) {
/// Globalization function - Returns the transilated string
function t($message) {
    $args = func_get_args();
    return __(call_user_func_array('sprintf', $args), $GLOBALS['wpframe_plugin_name']);

Any idea wrong?

sprintf requires a minimum of 2 arguments: A format string, and a listing of values to place into that format string. e.g

sprintf('This is a %d decimal and this is a %s string', 42, 'xxx');

2 format figures, so requires 2 values to complete. For each format character within the format string, you'll want an identical value specified.

What's inside your $args variable in the point you obtain the mistake?