We wish to know, are we able to use both things together just like a website produced in Wordpress in Static Form, Now we add to create a another category, which shows the Wordpress blog.

You can include your blog for your static WordPress website by looking into making a brand new category (Let us say BLOG), after which produce a new category-blog.php inside your template directory, provide it's own style to resemble a blog, then produce a link inside your home page that is forwarded to your brand-new category.

Pages (in the left menu in Wordpress after sales) are ment to become a type of static a part of Wordpress. Groups are ment for posts, while static content would go to Pages. Hope this can help.

Yes it can be done. But 'static' may be the wrong word to make use of there.

Inside your example (search engine optimization . com), they've produced a category having a different layout to exhibit the posts designated to that particular category as blogs. This can be a common approach to accomplishing this functionality, it simply must be included in your theme together with a custom page for the blog category.